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Steps to Install a Garage Door


garage door

A garage door weathers all storms, rains and scorching sunlight to keep our cars and other items safe and secure outside our house. Be sure to be aware if you need a new garage door.

The garage door needs to be sturdy, heavy and well built.

In addition to its sturdiness, it has to be very safe in order to avoid any home accident. One needs to check on the deteriorating quality of the old garage door and make sure you install a new one that is completely safe.

Many garage door companies send their technicians to install it for you but if you want to do it yourself, there are a couple of instructions one must follow to install the door correctly.

If you are installing a door for the first time or trying to remove an old one first, in both the cases, you might need some help. It takes about 8 to 12 hours to do the task with a torsion spring and tensioning.

Follow the below mentioned tips if you want to install your garage door yourself:

  • After you have finished attaching the weather-stripping at the bottom of the garage door panel, you need to set it in the doorway by putting some nails partway into the jams in order to wedge the door in its place. Next attach the hinges at the top edge of the door.
  • Assemble the curved, horizontal and vertical pieces of the tracks as shown in the instruction card. Follow it up with rollers and brackets that have to be installed on the door section or wall-mounted brackets. Next, slip the vertical tracks onto the rollers of the door and repeat with the other door section.
  • Next, install the rollers on the other side of the door and slip it on the vertical tracks too. After this step, you need to fasten the first section hinges to the second one. You will need a power drill with a nut driver or a screwdriver tip to help you with your task.
  • Repeat the above mentioned steps with the third section. Keep checking the level of the door and the vertical track. Next, you need to fasten the vertical track’s top plates on to the wall. The lag screws should have ample space in the framing members as the door will put in considerable force while going up and down.
  • Attach jamb brackets to tracks and fasten the brackets to the framing members. Next, install the horizontal and curved tracks, positioning them as shown in the instructions. Bolt them together. After mounting the track on the hangers, cut the rear track hanger to the desired length to support the track.
  • Screw the hanger to the solid framing of the ceiling joist and loosely mount the track. Repeat with the other track. After fitting the last door section, you can remove any temporary screws. You need to roll up the door for 4 feet to check whether the tracks the aligned properly. Make any adjustments if required and lastly tighten all the fasteners. 

You can follow the instructions guide to install the garage door and save hundreds of dollars.