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Flooring Trends in 2018


install wood floor

Homeowners are more experimental with their flooring today compared to years ago. Technology has also made it easier for manufacturers to create different flooring designs. You might be thinking of remodeling your home or building a new home.

Below are some flooring recommendations from the professionals at Chem-Dry of Bloomington. Find more flooring tips and trends at their Facebook page.

Gray wood flooring

Having grey wood floors is catching on in 2018. Majority of the people who opt for this type of flooring are those with modern houses because it fits perfectly with them. Grey wood flooring is just what you need to brighten your home and give it that unique, clean look. However, it does not have the warmth that comes with the typical natural-color wood flooring. It is advisable to get flooring samples from the shop so you can try them in the natural light and see how they will fit in your home.

Fumed wood flooring

Fumed wood flooring is different from the other types of wood flooring because it does not need staining to achieve the final finish of one’s choice. The flooring already has its rich color and grain, and that is why it does not need staining. What happens is that the wood undergoes the fuming process.

Fuming is whereby the wood is exposed to airborne ammonia in the chamber where it is placed. When the wood gets in contact with ammonia, it changes its color. The changes that took place as a result of the combination of wood and ammonia is never the same always. Various factors determine the outcome, and these include the outdoor surrounding, type of wood, and the atmosphere found in the chamber. This type of flooring has a stronger color and grain.

Parquet hardwood flooring

One of the flooring trends in 2018 is parquet hardwood flooring. This flooring consists of solid wood pieces that are made to form unique patterns. The wood pieces can be used to create geometric designs. Parquet hardwood is a great way of making people focus on the rich natural wood, and that is why homeowners love it.

Bleached and blanched woods

Majority of wooden floors have glossy brown stains. While some people like that, there are others who don’t. That is why designers and manufacturers came up with bleached and blanched woods to cater to those who don’t like the glossy brown stains. Therefore, homeowners can have floors that appear softer and look like they have been white-washed.

Blanching is used to achieve this look. Blanching is a process that involves bleaching wood to give it the desired result. A chemical solution is used to bleach the wood. After the final bleaching, you can still see the natural wood grain underneath the whitewashed look.

Bamboo floors

Bamboo floors are a big part of 2018 flooring trends. Bamboo floors are of high quality, and they help to bring in that fresh woody look that many homeowners desire. These qualities are the reasons why many more homes will have bamboo floors by the end of 2018.